Ecohomes Liberia has prepared an overall master plan showing the general configuration of roads and of the 500 planned houses and recreational and commercial amenities, such as a market and shopping areas. Ecohomes Liberia intends to build a variety of single-family homes and a smaller number of duplex attached houses. All single-family stand-alone houses will sit in the middle of their own lot, and the duplex houses will have open space on three sides with a common wall with the adjoining unit. In addition to the house plots that make up the majority of the Estate, the project developer’s design team has included commercial and civic space on serviced plots in the planned commercial center for shops, markets, as well as parks, recreational amenities, and undeveloped lands for natural green-space. These services will assure the highest possible long-term property values for the entire Estate.  

The Development plan includes infrastructure properly scaled to support the completed units and commercial center.  The site will be built out according to a schedule calling for incremental completion of integrated sections of the overall site.  This approach will allow Ecohomes Liberia to install the basic infrastructure for the entire site and then incrementally build individual roads, electric, water and sewer connections, and individual groups of houses according to specific market conditions.  The project has been divided into phases, and home construction has been scheduled to be undertaken according to each planned stage.